Gala dinner at the “Pré Catelan”


The origin of the name “Pré Catelan” comes from the name of the hunting captain of the king Louis XIV, Théophile Catelan. However there is also a legend relating that a troubadour named Arnault Catelan loose his life at this place while bringing some gifts to the king Philippe Le Bel in the name of Brigitte de Savoie, during the XII th century. At the origin, it was a simple field from where cobblestones were extracted to build the pavement of the lanes in the Bois de Boulogne, before becoming an amusement park for walking, riding bicycles, hearing music and eating in restaurants.

The “Pré Catelan” is an elegant ward in Napoleon III style, in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. It was built in 1905, and was inspired by the extravagances of the XVIIth century. In 1908, Leopold Mourier, owner of the Fouquet’s restaurant, became the owner of the Pré Catelan, transforming this restaurant in one of the most esteemed place in Paris. In 1923, the restaurant goes to Charles Drouant, who pushes the evolution of this place at a high level, internationally recognized gastronomic place. In 1976, Colette and Gaston Lenôtre became the owner of the Pré Catelan, and since that time, this place is one of the most prestigious gastronomic places in Paris.

The Pré Catelan received in 1997 for the first time a three star quotation in the Guide Michelin. Frederic Anton is the current chef of the restaurant. He was working with Joël Rebuchon in Reims and arrived in the Pré Catelan in 1997. He was awarded as a best worker of France in 2000. He received the three star distinction in the guide Michelin in 2007. Since recently, he became also, in association with Thierry Max, the chief of the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

Frederic Anton – Chef of the Pré Catelan