The organizing committee

Traditionally the international conference on Health Effects of Incorporated Radionuclides is held alternately by a team in North America and by a European team.


The 11th edition was organized by R. Abergel, from the LBNL at Los Angeles. This edition is then organized by a European team.


Thus this 12th edition of the international Conference on Health Effects of Incorporated Radionuclides, HEIR 2018, is jointly organized by CEA and l’IRSN, two leading organisms in radiation biology and radiation toxicology. The composition of the organizing committee is as follow:

The organizing committee also wish to warmly thanks people from IRSN which were implicated in the preparation of this conference through their professional activities, and especially Magali Penot from the juridic department, Aurore Caramelle from the commercial department, Jocelyne Kremer, Sabine Redouin and Emmanuel Alamichel from the administrative department and Michael Baroni, Thy Loan Ngo and Hugues Guidoux from the accounting agency.


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