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The French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) is the Public Expert in Nuclear and Radiological Risks. Multidisciplinary teams consisting of engineers, researchers, doctors, technicians, etc. enable IRSN to carry out its missions in several fields of activity (nuclear safety, human radiation protection, environmental monitoring). IRSN develops national and international research programs in radiation toxicology, and more broadly in radiation biology.

The Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (CEA) is an actor in research and innovation in 4 areas: defense and security, nuclear and renewable energy, research technology for industry and basic research. The impact on humans or the environment of radionuclides or ionizing radiation used in the context of technologies developed by the CEA is studied. This research helps to adapt the rules of protection and develop remediation and decorporation techniques.


The Société française de radioprotection (SFRP) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1965. It is composed of nearly 1,300 members who are professionals specialists of Radiation protection : Members include engineers, researchers, developers, technicians, physicians, inspectors, profesors and educational staff, students, pensioners… engaged or having an interest in the protection of the various fields of activity concerned by ionising and non-ionising radiations.

The French company of radiopharmacy (SoFRa in French) is an association law 1901, created in January 2005 and recognized as a learned society by the authorities of tutelage. SoFRa aims to: promote and develop radiopharmacy in its scientific and technical aspects, promote exchanges with other scientific societies, French and international, to coordinate and harmonize studies and research in radiopharmacy, to ensure and disseminate professional, theoretical and practical information and to contribute to continuing education and teaching.

La société française de radiopharmacie

SFPM is a scientific society that brings together professionals engaged in medical physics activities in public or private hospital, non-profit or liberal hospitals. The association has about 400 members. Medical physics students can join the association for free. The association develops its activities around the four orientations: scientific culture, professional relations, promotion of medical physics (including education), and professional practice of medical physics. The official scientific journal of SFPM is Physica Medica : EJMP.

The society, named « French society of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging – SFMN», gather French speaking specialists for the promotion of nuclear medicine, molecular imaging and associated technologies. Within these fields, SFMN ensure the national organization of professional training and the evaluation of professional practices. The means of the society are publications, conferences, courses, exhibitions and working groups, meetings and congresses, prizes and awards and any means of diffusion, education and technical courses in French language.

French society of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging - SFMN


The MELODI research platform is dedicated to low-dose ionizing radiation risk. In April 2009, five national organizations, with the support of the EC, created the initial core of MELODI with a view to integrate EU institutions with significant programs in the field, while being open to other scientific organizations and stakeholders, and to develop an agreed strategic research agenda and roadmap. In 2010, MELODI was founded as a registered association with 15 members with responsibilities in radiation protection research.

The CEVIDRA laboratory produce and commercialize the only patented medical system in the world able to neutralize instantaneously the cutaneous contamination with radionuclides such as Uranium, Plutonium, Thorium and Americium, thus avoiding their transfer in the body, thus limiting the internal contamination and associated heavy medical treatments. It is a chelating dermatological nanoemulsion using the Carboxlic Calix[6]arene. It is commercialized under the patented name of Calixarene Cevidra® since 2018 over the world.