Remise des prix

Public vote prices :

  • C. Granotier-Beckers, CEA, France: Effects of tritiated thymidine on human neural stem and progenitor cells
  • Y. Lecompte, SPAR, France: Ra-223 dichloride incidental inhalation: recommendations to estimate the committed effective dose

Prices from the Jury:

  • D. Bingham, AWE plc, UK: Accounting for environmental intakes when assessing occupational exposures to uranium
  • Absent on the picture: R. Lane, CNSC, Canada: Low radon exposures & lung cancer risk: joint analysis of Czech, French & Beaverlodge uranium miners

J.R Jourdain, MELODI representative. MELODI provide the financial support for the young investigator award.

B. Madas, member of the scientific committee of HEIR, MELODI representative and president of the jury for both young investigator award and poster awards.

  • 3rd young investigator award : S. Mokrani, CEA, France: Differential responses to tritiated thymidine in mouse embryonic neural stem cells and fibroblasts
  • 2nd young investigator award : S. Medici, CERN and CHU-V, Switzerland: In vivo screening measurements with common radiation protection instruments
  • 1st Young investigator award: M. Jacquemin, IRSN, France: Multi-cellular dosimetry of β+-emitting radionuclides used for cell labeling

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